6:30am Run with DC Capital Striders

I met the organizer Dave, and other runners Elizabeth and Richard. They were super nice. We ran past the zoo, stayed on a Rock Creek Park trail and then up two hills on the way back . After 40 minutes I was completely exhausted. It was the toughest 4.4 miles ever. But the group was so awesome and stayed with me the whole time, even though I told them they could go faster. They were not having it, and really stuck with running as a group. They were so nice and made me feel completely welcomed.

I didn’t get my runners high at all–I was too consumed with wanting to keep up. I think I ran two miles at a fast pace which tired me out a lot quicker. If that’s what a hard run feels like, I’m not a huge fan. I’ve got to get over not liking hills. I’m so used to flat surfaces, but I know hills will only help with endurance.

I’m glad I went out there and did it, but boy was it taxing. I really want to find my calm, but I was way into keeping up and getting used to socializing while running. I wonder if I’m the only one that finds it a bit weird to talk and run at the same time. Perhaps I’m just used to being alone and having that experience by myself… Now that I know the route, I’ll have to make sure to start at my own pace. It was a hard run, but I finished. Tomorrow though, I think I might run alone.

Running stats: 54:55, 4.4 miles, 12:28 pace


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