1:01:19 Run

I can’t think of why, but I’m pretty sure I almost tripped three blocks from my house. When on a run, I’m usually not thinking, I’m just doing….Anyway it was a good run. I turned back at 31 minutes and must do that every run. I’m trying to avoid the $1.35 it costs to use my Smartrip card when I run my limit and am too tired to run back. There was a bit of an incline coming back, but I handled it with a smooth pace–not too fast and not too slow so I could make it. Turned out it wasn’t much of an incline, I just thought it was. What a mental trick right?!

Time to shower, revise cover letters and apply for more jobs. Hopefully, it’ll take an hour to do–then I can finally do what I’ve wanted since yesterday–shop for running shoes, flats and nicer clothes. So far, I’ve managed with gym shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops–not the cutest outfits, but hopefully I can change that soon!


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