Prevent Cancer 5K in Washington, D.C.

There were no race bibs, no time markers, and no overhead sign. The start line was marked by neon green tape. At 8am a women said “Go” over the loud-speaker and that was the start of the race. It was very calm and after my second time running there, I need a new venue. Around the tidal basin it’s really quiet. All you can see in front of you are other runners, hear people talking to one another (still haven’t found peace with that) and see strollers/dogs running with their owners. At one point I saw a dog jump on another runner! That was crazy! I’m glad it wasn’t worse.

I’ve official run my fastest race ever! Feels great! Time to shower, get dressed then meet my dad/god brothers at the annual book fair on the mall. Should be a great time. I’m hoping it won’t rain!

Stats: 35:38, 3.1 miles, 11:29 pace!!!


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