51:23 Run

I fought with myself today. Maybe it was the humidity? I ended my run nine minutes short of an hour. I’m getting bored with my 14th street and 16th street runs… Time for something I haven’t seen almost everyday I’ve been home. Time to run a little earlier too. If I am to get a job, I’ll have to make sure I have enough time for the run, shower, breakfast and time to get to work! 

There were no runners for a good ten minutes of my run. It’s always nice when it’s quiet like that. Just you and the earth… Anyways, I’ve got to keep up my one hour a day run. It’s the only way I’ll be able to master 7 miles on Saturday…. I felt as though I was being lazy not having finished the entire hour, but then I wanted to get ready for my morning interview for an internship…I’ve got to get going. Punctuality is important.

Stats: 51:23, 4.25 miles, 12:05 pace


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