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1:02:25 Run

At the 10K run in Brooklyn, I saw a person I knew in college. What a small world! I did great finishing my first 10K at 1:14:53 with a 12:04 pace. It was super hot out there and many of the runners including myself, took walk breaks….

Today’s run, I couldn’t find my breath. I felt as though I was trudging along. And  I didn’t feel runner’s high until well after 35 minutes. I was trying hard to get my body in sync with my mind. But then it became easy and I was in motion. I do enjoy that part of running so much.

Stats: 1:02:25, 5.25 miles, 11:53 pace


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52:37 Run in Texas

Went running with my college friend, Laura, in Austin. I came to visit her for the weekend.  Running on trail is a lot harder than I thought! And to think we ran a long time and our miles were really short! But I’m really glad I went out. We ran to the Farmer’s Market, drank some really awesome lemonade mint tea/coconut water ice and went to Whole Foods. Austin is really sunny, but so far a lot of fun.

Stats: 52:37, 3.89 miles, 13:31 pace

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Yesterday and Today’s Run

Yesterday: 55:32, 4.76 miles, 11:40 pace

Today: 1:00:57, 5.11 miles, 11:55 pace

Thinking of changing my blog site to something different soon. Lots of new stuff to talk about.


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54:14 Run

 I want to blame todays okay run on the weather of 72 degrees and 94% humidity. I only went about 2.2 miles before turning around and then it started to rain. I told myself that I would run home and I’m glad I accomplished one goal today. Today’s run– six minutes away from an hour. Perhaps I’ll get there this week now I know what kind of weather to expect. 50+ minutes isn’t so bad, what matters is that I went out there and finished!

Even though it was a straight route, it wasn’t the most scenic. I was bored after twenty minutes. Time for a new route where there’s more to see than house after house after house.

Stats: 52:14, 4.42 miles, 12:16 pace

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51:23 Run

I fought with myself today. Maybe it was the humidity? I ended my run nine minutes short of an hour. I’m getting bored with my 14th street and 16th street runs… Time for something I haven’t seen almost everyday I’ve been home. Time to run a little earlier too. If I am to get a job, I’ll have to make sure I have enough time for the run, shower, breakfast and time to get to work! 

There were no runners for a good ten minutes of my run. It’s always nice when it’s quiet like that. Just you and the earth… Anyways, I’ve got to keep up my one hour a day run. It’s the only way I’ll be able to master 7 miles on Saturday…. I felt as though I was being lazy not having finished the entire hour, but then I wanted to get ready for my morning interview for an internship…I’ve got to get going. Punctuality is important.

Stats: 51:23, 4.25 miles, 12:05 pace

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Prevent Cancer 5K in Washington, D.C.

There were no race bibs, no time markers, and no overhead sign. The start line was marked by neon green tape. At 8am a women said “Go” over the loud-speaker and that was the start of the race. It was very calm and after my second time running there, I need a new venue. Around the tidal basin it’s really quiet. All you can see in front of you are other runners, hear people talking to one another (still haven’t found peace with that) and see strollers/dogs running with their owners. At one point I saw a dog jump on another runner! That was crazy! I’m glad it wasn’t worse.

I’ve official run my fastest race ever! Feels great! Time to shower, get dressed then meet my dad/god brothers at the annual book fair on the mall. Should be a great time. I’m hoping it won’t rain!

Stats: 35:38, 3.1 miles, 11:29 pace!!!

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1:04:24 Run

I decided to go a different route today. I was really tired at the end, but really glad I maintained a good pace. I’m ready for tomorrow’s 5K! I’m noticing that when I run an hour I run 5.2 miles. That’s awesome.  All I need to do now is keep  running those 5 miles Monday through Friday. Then I can run 7 miles on Saturday. Guess, I can go for that goal next week! Feeling good and really hungry.

Stats: 1:04:24, 5.25 miles, 12:16 pace

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