Getting Braces

I documented my experience with  getting braces in South Korea. All dental work is courtesy of San Fransisco Dental Clinic in Busan. Dr. Seo and his staff are awesome. They work hard on giving you the smile you want.   My treatment took 4.5 months and cost 2,950,000 won [including retainers]. I’m very happy with the results! Videos are in chronological order.


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  1. Andrea

    Hi, this is awesome. I am planning on going to Korea to teach English as well. But JUST got my braces on, unfortunately. Is there anyway I can go to this same clinic? I heard from a friend that it is VERY VERY expensive in Korea to get braces. Is that true? Can you give me ANY information about braces in Korea? I’ll appreciate that so much. Thanks! You can reach me at

    • Andrea,

      I’m a bit confused about your statement–are you planning on coming to Korea while you just got your braces? Or will you wait until your treatment is done then come to Korea?

      Braces here are a lot less expensive than getting them in the States. It would depend on your case–but if you already have braces, I have no idea how much it would be. The clinic I go to is in Busan so if you lived in that city, it’d be easy to get there.

  2. Andrea Yang

    Yes, I already have braces. They’ve been on for about 4 months now. If I were to leave the states, then I would have to find some place in Korea to continue my braces treatment. So I wouldn’t start them in Korea, I would prefer to continue them there. What is the name of your clinic, if you don’t mind me asking. I’m not sure where I’ll be yet.

  3. “Basically” you have a great smile! Congratulations!

  4. Pa


    Thank you for sharing your experience. This is really helpful as I am interested in getting braces in South Korea. I will be here for 1 year in Jeollabuk-do teaching English. I found a place Jeollanam-do which is closer than Busan. I’m going to do more research on. I’m just curious how it would be if you don’t speak any Korean (since I don’t). Also, I know orthodontic treatment in the states is usually 2 years so I’m a little worried about the quality aspect of getting braces in South Korea. Any opinion on that would be helpful. (i.e. Did your results last? Have you experience any problems after treatment?)

    • Dentists that cater to foreigners usually have their ads in English so there’s no need to know conversational Korean [though learning how to read and write before you go would be a great help, Korean is not very difficult and I learned how to read and write in a month]. How long you’ll have your braces on depends on your individual case and it all comes down to what the dentist says. Dr. Seo recommended that I get metal braces because the results would be better. Try the forums at Dave’s ESL Cafe–they might have a thread that’ll help, or you could start your own.

      Even after two years, I still have a perfect smile. I highly recommend Dr. Seo and his team at San Franciso Dental Clinic in Busan, if it’s not too far. They’re amazing!

      Good luck!

  5. Ari

    Hi, I`m a student in Korea. I` m thinking of getting brace here.. So can u tell me about the average price?

  6. hi just wondering why is your bracers treatment so fast~ normally it takes up to 2 years?

  7. Shajeel

    I am going to korea next month. According to my dentist my procedure will be done in next 3-4 months. Will a dentist in Korea continue my procedure ?
    My dentist will provide me all the necessary equipment and files.