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Awesome Run, Post Jehovah Witness Encounter, And The Pile With My Name On It

Almost ran to Mudeung Mountain! I was really pooped at the 36th and 40th minute. My legs killed and my body was like STOP! So, I ran past the Emart near a Mudeung Mountain sign, and then sprinted to the nearest bus stop after crossing the street. The only time sweating and smelling bad makes me feel good is when I run. I like the feeling that I work hard for results.

While waiting for the bus at Chonnam University, two Jehovah’s Witnesses came up to me, asking me my name, where I lived and what bus I was getting on. Creepy. Turns out I knew one of the women. I met her before but didn’t know what she was really doing until I saw Jehovah’s Witness on the magazine cover of the magazine she gave me. She took out her What Does the Bible Say book and starting talking to me about problems in the world and God. I told her twice I was not interested and she was like can I still call you, maybe I can bring you another magazine. I told her she could call me. Bad idea giving out my number the first time we met. The only reason she wants to hangout is to convert me. And I thought it was originally to become my friend…

When I came home I did some crunches on my pink yoga mat.  I’m thinking of going to a café, sit down to wireless internet and possibly work on some future lesson plans for next semester. But what I really want is an apple, not a slice of cake or cup of coffee. With that said I guess I’ll stay home, tend to the small pile of Korean language flash cards and yarn skeins on the floor that needs organizing. After the shower and organizing it’s all about eating food (that apple and some stew!)  practicing Korean, playing guitar for the second time today, perhaps posting a few YouTube videos and finishing  that blue scarf…

Yep, I feel pretty awesome today.



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Dog Cafe in Downtown Gwangju

After lunch was over I took a long walk . I was excited and on my way to the   dog cafe downtown. I’ve always wanted a pet and for a while I’ve been thinking a dog would really give me what I want, protection, responsibility and fun. But because I live in an apartment (which I’m not sure allows pets)  and have no time  to take care of one/give it the time it needs and deserves (due to working a 8:30-4:30)–I can’t get one. I’d like a puppy, but I know how crazy the first few weeks/months/years would be. Plus, if I were ever to get one, I’d do so at a shelter.

At the Cafe:

When I came in there were at least seven or more dogs that came up to me. Once I sat down, all the small ones wanted to sit next to me–only to fall asleep. There was one dog–some type of mutt–that kept trying to lay on me. He/she wanted to steal all the attention away from all the other dogs. They were the laziest dogs I’ve ever seen in my life–that was until they all freaked out when they saw an outsider dog and one peeded on the floor–which I assumed was marking their territory.

I had a great time petting them and being there. It was upsetting though to see my favorite dog (not sure what breed), a baby mutt, Pomeranian and another big dog all caged up. They just wanted some love, and the baby mutt kept yelping. Even so the two people who managed the place didn’t do anything for them.

My favorite dog was a large fluffy fur ball. I could see he/she wanted to play. When I asked if they could be taken out, the shop owner said no. I had to lock the cage back up. Ohh, so sad! If I had the time, resources to train a dog in two languages (commands and stuff),  love and care for it, and was allowed to have one in my apartment–I would have gotten this one (need help on identifying breed though):

I want to own this one.. 🙂

So, tomorrow I’m thinking of making it to the shelter at Chonnam University.  I saw some pictures online of the types of dogs and I’m interested in looking and giving attention to the dogs/cats. Even if it’s all I can do right now, I feel like I’m making somewhat of a difference.

Here are some more pictures of the dogs at the shop:


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Running’s Not the Same

Last month I ran and the month before I ran pretty regularly. Now, it seems the sidewalks and streets are too dangerous (sometimes to walk on) so I’d rather not risk it. However, if I really wanted to exercise I’d put on my shoes and go in the street. Still, frozen ice turned to slush-mush doesn’t help. When my dad came to visit I ate like crazy (it wasn’t the healthiest food either). After my first  week in Korea  I weighed in at 51kg– 112lbs. Now, I’m 52kg–114lbs. 2lbs is nothing but I feel like I need to run. It’s like my body feels my energy draining and laziness setting in. All I want is hot coco, heat and a blanket.

Winter’s no excuse to keep myself inside. So tomorrow, I think I’ll ask my kids to have a snowball fight/run around during break…

I have no need for a gym membership, especially since I despise the treadmill and dislike gyms in general. Being outside is my thing–but this weather is no joke and I’m not risking it just to fall and break something (which I could have very well done in Ithaca).

I began running in January 2008 in  Ithaca, NY. I was pretty tough. I ran  while it was snowing,  down hills (on the street), and in freezing cold weather but somehow it doesn’t seem the same. I’m like that–I take breaks, sometimes a month at a time then I start-up again…

During EICs I wake up later, I enjoy the sleep. Perhaps I should exercise inside… Spring will be here soon.

Snowball fights for now, sound good to me.

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Seoul Is Awesome!

So much fun. In Myeongdong, I bought socks because it was FREEZING cold and I couldn’t feel my toes. Myeongdong is an amazing shopping experience. Then on to COEX mall, even awesome-r. But most of all, I had a blast with three buddies in Myeongdong.

For pictures go here:


Going to those places made me think I’d really like living in a place like Seoul. It’s a great place for good food and mingling with other expats. Seoul reminds me a lot more of home than anywhere I’ve been in Korea. I like that.

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Dad’s Visit: Day 7–Soon to Seoul

So today we  must go to the bank, then head underground for my new suitcase. Tomorrow, Dad and I  go to Seoul. He bypasses his 7am flight to Incheon, gets to see Seoul and I get to stay until Sunday! Super excited to see all those buddies of mine I haven’t seen since EPIK orientation in August. The weekend will be awesome as I’m sure the rest of the week will be too.  Woot Woot!

some of me and Dad. I thought tilting the camera would work..ah well.

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Dad’s Visit to Gwangju! Days 1-6

My dad came for the first time to Korea after 40 years (having been a solider in the U.S. Army–which I mention doesn’t count now that it’s been so long.) First, we ate a Burger King then walked around Chungjangno. Dad was amazed at everything but really tired, so we cabbed it back home.

Day 2:  Starbucks, Emart And A Decked-Out Cab

Went to Starbucks. The night before my toilet seat broke. We went to sip on coffee/hot co co and found a foreigner named Cassandra. She was an English teacher too and had only been in Korea for a  month. So we talked for like an hour, then dad and I headed off to Emart to get a new toilet seat. We went back to my apt. in a decked out cab–it’s interior leather upholstery and cool looking toy cars…But the bathroom seat bought didn’t  fit…

Day 3: Mom’s Pizza and YP Books

Pizza had TOO much cheese on it that Dad used a napkin. Below are some photos of that. It was pepperoni pizza. A large cost 20,000 but looked much more like a medium.

Day 4: Outback Steakhouse and Art Street

Wings. Cheese cake. Burger. All tasted…wonderful. Dad’s first visit to Outback. Showed him Art Street, went into Mudueng Gallery where this guy made art out of cell phone pieces, went into a store where I put on a ring that cost 480,000 won or $411 USD! It had little smudges of GOLD ㅑn the ruby. It was incredibly expensive but really pretty. Buying something like that would have definitely require the purchase of a new outfit..sadly, I didn’t take any pictures of it. Anyways, it was super cold and I think after that we went home.

Day 5:  First Nepal Restaurant In Chungjangno–Downtown Gwangju

Dad loved it. The food there is always amazing!  If I endorsed a place it”d be First Nepal–the best Indian/Nepal  in Gwangju! 😀

Day 6:  Waffle, Cafe Slobbie,  Paris Baguette and Back To Emart.

The food was good. And at some point during the week we went to Kumho World (huge electronic store near the Shinsegae Department Store in Seogu). Found some really awesome instruments there and went to see movie Sherlock Holmes.

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First Blog Post Ever

So, I’ve been in Gwangju for three months and 29 days. Tomorrow will mark my fourth month here (of 12 months unless I decide to renew my EPIK contract). I teach English grades 4-6 in Gwangju, South Korea. Specifically, I’m in province Bukgu, very close to downtown life and museums. So I’ll be doing the blog thing quite often. I hope it inspires you, and answers some questions about teaching/life in Korea.

Feel free to email me here: onlyinkorea87@gmail.com

Take it easy!


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