Great>Bad>Awesome Day

I didn’t think my day would fall under such classifications.

During the first fifteen minutes of classes, Sujeong went over her classroom rules in Korean. Then I went on with the name tag activity. When there was time left, I’d ask individual questions to students, or we played this really cool game where I said an alphabet letter, passed a plush ball to a student,  they said the following letter, threw it back to me, then I to someone else, then that person to another. It was fun, but the students weren’t the only ones saying the alphabet aloud. Even I said it once. Not so macho macho on the English after all, but I think that gives me classroom cred. The teacher doesn’t always have the answer, which is a definite phew from all teachers everywhere. I like being a teacher mostly because I can also play the role of student. It was a great day then. Classes went well, everyone was excited about English–this means this semester will totally rock! 😉

Then it turned bad. I had spent a long time I mean, I took one small part of the TEFL quiz more than four times. And this is why I felt like a serious dumb-dumb. The section which I got help from a fellow teacher was on syllables. Of all things, I would think I needed help on diagramming sentences, but I actually can do that. Yeah, the TEFL has really made me stressed but I feel like I’m getting so much more out of the stress it’s worth it. Everyone’s situation is different and mine seems to be a big love-HATE relationship. Currently, I stand in the middle.

If I ever decide to get a TESOL or any more qualifications, I’ll have the money and time to do it in a real classroom. I think I’d get more out of it because I’m a visual learner, plus it wouldn’t be bad to meet others–I’m always up for that.

After school I was afraid I didn’t have enough time to get to the LG service center near Hyundai Department Store. Talking to Rosalyn on the phone helped me vent all my frustrations on the TEFL and the guesstimate I tried to make about taking my computer in to be fixed. Once I got there, I had Sujeong on my cell phone, translating for me. I was so nervous. I called Sara in hopes she’d have some electronic advice for me, and I ended up talking to Rosalyn again while sitting in the chair. I felt like I was getting stitches all over again. I remember my stomach doing flips when I saw Em Donggwang, my LG technician, open my computer–all of the metal work and chips exposed. I almost had a heart attack because it was at that time I didn’t know how much it would cost. I was almost sure that the installation of Microsoft Office would be an added monetary addition and would make my total about 60,000 won. But 32,000 won later for a new keyboard, I was ready to eat.

I went to McDonald’s and reveled in the fact that I’m able to go to Seoul this weekend. I think I might be even more happy because I might get to go again  during my birthday weekend (March 19th is the date, right on a Friday–perfect!). If I can stay with people for both, it shouldn’t take too much from my day-to-day living when I get back for the week. I thought about checking into a motel for cheap, but I’ll have to see.

I don’t think I’ve been this happy ever, well with exceptions of graduating from high school and college and getting this job. I mean how many people can really say they’re really truly happy with their lives at 22 years old–plus be so young at that? Everyone keeps telling me their proud of me, and I’m proud of me to. I’m sure getting my TEFL will only make me prouder, yet I’ll stay humble about it all. I’m not the type to get hot-headed–I try my best to keep it real. I just know I’m thankful for my experiences and the people in my life who contribute to them. So thanks to anyone who’s special–you know who you are. I love you all.

Seoul right now, means the world to me and to go is really a privilege. I mean I get to see my good friends, jam, eat street food and see things I haven’t seen yet. I’ve been thinking about going with just my guitar on my back–make it a I’m-not- buying-anything-or-eating-anything-that-costs-over-10,000-setting a strict limit for the travel (maybe even try a 10,000 limit a day! :0 maybe 20,000 is more realistic!) and  enjoy myself the best way I know how.


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